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Wakeboarding, Skiing, Surfing or Kneeboarding – Geraldton

If you love your tow sports, this is for you!

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15 Minutes
Half Hour Hire
1 Hour Hire

Create lasting memories with our dynamic range of water activities

Unleash your inner water sports enthusiast in Geraldton with Ultimate Watersports! Our Wakeboarding, Skiing, Surfing, and Kneeboarding experiences are tailored for thrill-seekers of all levels. Feel the rush of gliding across the pristine waters as you carve through waves, master the art of wakeboarding, or enjoy the timeless excitement of skiing and kneeboarding.

  • Choose from any of our high quality boards. You can even demo a board and binding from the slingshot range. Whether it’s, wakeboarding, skiing, kneeboarding, or skurfing, we have it covered.