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Seadoo Polytec Hull Repairs

Seadoo Repairs Western Australia


When it comes to Seadoo Polytec Hull repairs in Western Australia, trust the experts at Ultimate Watersports. Our dedicated team specializes in providing top-notch, professional repairs for your Seadoo watercraft.


Common Hull Issues

Gelcoat Damage:

  • Jetskis are prone to scratches, chips, and cracks in the gelcoat, especially from collisions with rocks, docks, or other watercraft.

Fibreglass Layer Separation:

  • Water intrusion can cause the fiberglass layers to separate, leading to a weakened hull and potential leaks.

Impact Damage:

  • High-speed impacts with debris or submerged objects can cause structural damage, including fractures or punctures in the hull.


  • Exposure to saltwater can lead to corrosion, especially around metal fittings, screws, and through-hull fittings.

Stress Cracks:

  • Over time, stress from riding in rough or choppy waters, or from improper storage, can result in stress cracks in the hull, which may compromise its integrity.

Hull Warping:

  • Extreme WA temperatures or improper storage can cause the hull to warp, leading to alignment issues or water leakage.

Bottom Damage:

  • Scrapes and holes on the bottom of the hull are common, especially from beaching or navigating shallow waters.


Whether it’s minor damage or a major overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

Get your quote today. Email us with photos of the damage and we will get back to you ASAP!

Professional and fast repair to get you back on the water sooner.

Return your hull to its original strength!

Cost effective repairs so you don’t need to replace your hull!