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SUP Board, Paddle Boat & Air Pontoon Hire – Geraldton

Never Done this before? Allow us to show you how!

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1 Hour
Half Day - 4 Hours

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Western Australia’s coastal paradise!

Embark on a leisurely aquatic adventure in Geraldton with Ultimate Watersports’ Board, Paddle Boat & Pontoon rentals! Glide across the pristine waters at your own pace, whether you prefer the stability of a paddleboard, the relaxed cruising of a paddle boat, or the spacious comfort of a pontoon. Ideal for individuals, families, or groups, our top-quality equipment caters to all skill levels, ensuring a tranquil and enjoyable water experience. Discover the scenic beauty of Geraldton’s coastline, soak in the sun, and create lasting memories with our diverse range of rentals.

  • Stand-Up Paddle boards are easy to learn and rewarding once you get the hang of it. Our Peddle Boats are also great fun. Easily traverse large distances. Explore the full area of the foreshore. Visit the Sea Lions and see the Eastern Breakwater sights! Lessons are included and you don’t have to stick to your first choice.