Exmouth Memberships

In Exmouth we have monthly memberships! Where you can sign up month by month and get unlimited access to each of our membership packages. The BEST Value!

Unmotorized Membership

Get Access to all unmotorised equipment. We have Stand up paddle boards of several types and sizes. Even a giant 7 person SUP! SUPSQUATCH! We also have glass bottom kayaks, single person kayaks, kids kayaks a hobie eclipse pedal board and Giant boxing gloves for turning Supsquatch into a battle arena. With this membership you even get access to the beach lounges and umbrellas on the beach for even further comfort. All this for only $99 a month!

Unlimited Jetski

All the benefits of owning a Jet ski without the downsides! Our skis will do over 100kmph! Get your adrenaline fix and then hand it back to us. Imagine taking out the ski for as long as you want and when you want. But instead of all the prep work you just need to turn up at the beach. No washing down, no maintenance and no refuelling. Only $262/ month. *conditions apply

Unlimited VIP

Access to absolutely everything we have to offer! From the Jetskis to the Flyboard and jetpack. Even tubing! All unlimited. You could not get this value anywhere else in the world! Don’t know how to flyboard or water ski? No worries! Lessons are included! This membership comes for $432/ Month! *conditions apply

Unlimited Family/ Couples

All the perks of the VIP membership but with the added benefit of your partner or family members! Our most popular membership and is limited to make sure we don’t compromise on time on the water. A great gift idea! only $531/month *conditions apply

All our memberships for Exmouth are month by month. Save 20% by having more than one month kindly check out low deposit casino bonus.